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Skraeckoedlan – Sagor – Album Review

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Formed in 2009, Swedish Fuzz/Doom band Skraeckoedlan released their well received debut album Äppelträdet in 2011. Four years later and in collaboration with Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah, El Caco) and Niklas Berglöf (Ghost), among others, they are about to release their sophomore effort, Sagor.

Comprising of Robert Lamu (Vocals/Guitar), Henrik Grüttner (Guitar), Tim Ångström (Bass) and Martin Larsson (Drums), Skraeckoedlan provide a drive and musical personality reminiscent of many bands who were on the cusp of crossing over from traditional Metal to the more obscure concepts of experimental Metal; the likes of Mother Of God and Gas Giant spring to mind. Unfortunately, out of the ten tracks found on Sagor it took until track seven, “Flod“, to grab any sort of attention, the previous tracks recalling nothing but the monotony of some early Hawkwind gigs (sorry Lemmy!). “Squidman” goes on to pull in an excellent ‘B’ movie theme and breathes more life into the album and this upward trajectory continues as the band finally excel throughout the remaining two tracks.

Skraeckoedlan’s own description of Sagor, in part, states; “Through the dream we escape time, to the brink of infinity where love thrives”. Unfortunately, this album seems to have spent the first half ‘waiting for the dream to start and the second half thriving’! After feeling rather buoyant at Sagor‘s close, a result of a massive increase in quality as the album rolls on, a high ‘score’ seemed appropriate. However, with the memory of a first half of aching fillings, barely above average feels more fitting. 6/10

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