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Reign Of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd – Album Review

The UK's burgeoning Thrash renaissance continues....

Source // ReignOfFury

The UK’s burgeoning Thrash renaissance continues with the release of Reign Of Fury’s sophomore album and those looking for a dose of originality, in an otherwise overcrowded and plagiaristic scene, will find Reign of Fury’s brand of medicine slides down very well indeed.

Reigning in the fury somewhat, the band have written a melodic Thrash record, at times reminiscent of Trivium’s knack for big choruses, with the requisite choppy riffs, gang vocals and varied tempo changes that Thrashers inevitably demand.

With each track clocking in at approx 6mins+, this is an album to gorge on rather than take quick bites but 2 songs in particular warrant special mention. “Gates Of Sanity” and “Death Be Thy Shepherd” Thrash hard and truly take flight when Chuck Billy-esque death growls and deep-throated screams take things to another level….more of this please!

Truthfully, “All Is Lost” is the only mis-step on an otherwise faultless outing. A little too standard in it’s token Metallica Thrash ballad approach, this diversion from the album’s crunchy staccato riffing eases the foot of the pedal a little too much. Nonetheless, the clean guitar-sound impresses and recalls the more melodic moments of Canada’s favourite sons Annihilator and Bay-Area heroes Heathen.

This is fearless and epic Thrash, one no doubt for the purists. Highly reminiscent of the all-out riff-fests and lengthy compositions found on Metallica’s …And Justice For All, Onslaught’s In Search Of Sanity and Dark Angel’s Time Does Not Heal, there’s no doubting the sense of unwavering confidence on display; as evidenced by the bravura move of bookending this mammoth effort with 2 tracks that clock in at an almighty 20 minutes between them.

Reign Of Fury undoubtedly have big ideas and big plans and Death Be Thy Shepherd is clearly an album designed to turn heads; if this band don’t secure a high-calibre support slot with this release then the world is truly a f*cked up place.

Make no mistake, WorshipMetal will be thrashin’ our arses off to this beast for some time.

A colossal effort chaps. 8/10


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