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Red Razor – Beer Revolution – Album Review

Hardly a revolution!

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Beer Revolution is the debut album from Brazilian Thrash Metal upstarts Red Razor, their only previous release being their Shark Attack demo from 2013. Both band and album are deeply indebted to mid 80’s American Thrash – specifically Anthrax – and if you’re going to pick a band to wholesale copy you could do a lot worse. As with many modern Thrash bands Red Razor don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, which is a pity, because it’s on the serious songs that they show what they’re capable of when they stop their farting around!

The song titles tell you all you really need to know when it comes to this release. The likes of “Wish You Were Beer”, “Napalm Pizza” and “Beer Revolution” are just purile nonsense and to be honest their ‘jokey’ songs, which make up most of the album, quickly become tiresome. Beer Revolution is saved from being a total snorefest by “Controversial Feedom” and highlight “Temple Of Lies” which takes aim at the Catholic Church. Musically this is the one track on which the band dare to take any risks, the music changing from razor sharp riffs to nice melodic instrumental passages.

As mentioned, Red Razor seem to take too much inspiration from late 80’s Anthrax. When not using a monotonous bark, vocalist Fabricio Valle’s singing voice is reminiscent of Joey Belladonna and both bass and guitar sound is ripped wholesale from the same era of Anthrax.

For a band with an interest in sharks it’s unfortunate that their music lacks any real bite, which is a pity because when they put their minds to it Red Razor show real potential. 4/10

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3 Comments on Red Razor – Beer Revolution – Album Review

  1. Unfortunately you didnt liked us, but thanks for taking the time to listen to our record and write a review.
    Just in case someone wants to give us a chance, it’s possible to listen to the record here:

    • Gavin O'Connor // August 13, 2015 at 10:31 am // Reply

      There was just too much joking around for my liking. Temple of lies on the other hand was a great song and had there been more like that and controversial freedom in my honest opinion it would have been a great album

  2. Even though the name of some songs go for the funny side, they are not exactly jokes. Beer Revolution is about the rise of the craft beer movement. Napalm Pizza is a reflection about the banalities of war (we are bombing people in the morning and relaxing eating pizza in the evening).

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