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Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed – Album Review

The wolf is loose!

Blessed & Possessed is the sixth album from German lunatics Powerwolf and if you’re already familiar with the band then you know what to expect….numerous tales of Werewolves, randy Vampires and the Catholic Church!

Powerwolf are at the top of their game on Blessed & Possessed and, as with previous albums, the production – handled by Fredrik Nordstrom – is nothing less than immense. The Guitars are crisp, Keyboards are ever present but not intrusive and give the music a magnificently malevolent edge while the drums are crystal clear and punch hard through the mix.

Opening with the thunderous title track, “Blessed & Possessed” is just under 5 minutes of raging guitar and full throttle double bass work which sets out the stall for the rest of the album. The full on music, combined with the operatic vocals of the classically trained Atilla Dorn, give Powerwolf an undeniable edge and an original aesthetic in a genre where bands can often sound and look alike. The battle-ready “Armata Strigoi“, the blissfully baroque and overblown “Sanctus Dominus” and the lasciviously lusty “Sacramental Sister” are heavier both lyrically and musically than most bands in the Power Metal genre. However, Powerwolf also add enough humour to proceedings to stop things from becoming too bleak and Goth obsessed.

Blessed & Possessed is many things – pompous, ludicrous, catchy as hell – but most importantly it’s great fun. Even if Power Metal is not your cup of tea (or goblet of blood) there is much to like and admire in this album; if you are willing to give it a chance! 8/10

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