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Perpetratör – Altered Beast – Album Review

The perpetrators of committed German thrash worship!

What is it with the majority of thrash bands currently ripping off their 80’s brethren wholesale? Sure, its difficult to offer something new to a genre that’s been in existence for over 35 years but some originality once in a while would be nice, right?!

Next up, on the conveyor belt of regurgitated thrash filth, is Portugal’s Perpetratör and their sophomore effort, Altered Beast. Fortunately, the love these guys have for the Teutonic masters of thrash (Sodom, Kreator, Destruction) just about carries them over the line, making this an album that’s well worth a listen if your love for Tom Angelripper, Mille Petrozza and Schmier runs ridiculously deep.

Of course, there are highlights, with the aptly titled “Extreme Barbarity” revelling in bug-eyed intensity, the blackened thrash of “Jungle War” channeling the darkest side of Germanic thrash and “Hellthrasher” delivering 100% shred –  backed by a little Annihilator-esque melodic noodling – and delivering some much needed variety in the process. However, the rest of the album is fairly interchangeable and could be taken from any post 00’s Destruction album.

This all sounds rather negative doesn’t it. Time to make amends.

Perpetratör are good at what they do – damn good even – and Altered Beast is solid Sodom/Destruction worship from a band who could, if they open up their parameters, make a name for themselves amongst thrash die-hards. With a little less reliance on tried and tested sounds and a little more faith in their own abilities, Perpetratör could become something special indeed. 6/10

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