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Opensight – Ulterior Motives – EP Review

It's Like Your Local Odeon With Metal Horns On!

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Accomplished ‘London Cinematic Metallers’ Opensight stretch far beyond the boundaries of Metal into the realms of multi-layered and multi-influenced indulgence and if your penchant is for something different, that still leans towards mainstream acceptability, then Opensight are a band worth putting your smart phone down for!

Originating from Columbia, this London based band comprises of Ivan David (Guitars/Vocals), Genia Penksik (Guitars), Danni Stanner (Bass) and Redd Reddington (Drums) who may have started life as a Prog ­Metal orientated band but have now evolved into a far more dynamic concept. Combining the energy of Metal, the sophistication of Progressive Rock and the dramatic edge of a film score, Opensight are a sort of ‘Metal/Prog Fusion’ and a metaphoric deep fried bat in breadcrumbs with a piquant jus. Confused? That may be the point!

Their new EP, Ulterior Motives, contains 5 tracks that take you on a 30 minute ride through an unpredictable cinematic metal landscape. Opener “Alibi masks true intentions, at first mimicking the style of bands such as Avantasia, Angra and Kamelot before leading into a big-screen 007 style theme and from there on in things get very interesting! “The Chase follows in the same vein with dramatic key changes and ‘Panavision’ intrigue while “Vanishing Point drives on into “Ulterior Motif“, highly reminiscent of a 1950’s ‘Maigret’ theme but with big brass balls and the final track, “Antagonist”, drifts purposefully from driving Metal double kick drums and tuned-down bass to the melodic and intricate tones of something that shouldn’t really work but somehow gels seamlessly.

In fact, it all works damn it! We just can’t quite put a handle on why! Some of you out there will want stuff like this banned from being tagged ‘Metal’ and for good reason, Opensight skirt around the genre, influenced but not guided by it’s rules. It may not strictly be Prog either but taken on its own merits and the undeniable talent and innovation of these mavericks, Ulterior Motives sure can’t be ignored! 8/10

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