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Obsidian Key – Loud! – Album Review

For fans of Ayreon, Rush and Queensrÿche

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Brighton’s Obsidian Key are one of the most unique bands we’ve heard in a long time but when you dabble in the terminally unfashionable operatics of Prog Rock/Metal – at its most bombastic – you’re more likely to provoke confusion than critical adoration.

From a nostalgic perspective, Obsidian Key fondly recall the classic Prog Rock of scene legends Yes, Rush and Queensrÿche and their often insane levels of epic grandeur also bring concept kings Ayreon to mind but Loud! is not an album easily accessible to the Prog novice. Opening track, “Empire Of Madness” could prove to be an almost insurmountable obstacle for the uninitiated from the get-go, it’s frenetic collision of disparate styles and deliberately jarring elements liable to result in an apathetic response.

In truth, we’re split down the middle on this one. The ballad “Where Are You Now” fails to warrant much of a response and feels throwaway at best while the storming Prog-Metal thunder of “Time” satisfyingly gets the blood pumping, a see-saw effect that frustrates while keeping the listener intrigued; trying to second guess what’s coming next proving virtually impossible.

The epic 2-part “The Key Of Netherworld” is Loud!‘s centrepiece and the undoubted highlight, pure Rush grandosity and highly reminiscent of the cult Canadians work during the late 70’s. There’s no knocking Obsidian Key’s ambition, we haven’t heard Prog Rock/Metal with this much drive and energy since Ayreon’s Into The Electric Castle, but the overall effect is one of mild intrigue as opposed to all out worship.

It’s too early to tell for sure but the groundwork is certainly there for future glories. As for now, Loud! is likely to appeal to seasoned Prog Rockers only. 6/10

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