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Worship Metal Album/EP Of The Week – Nine Miles South – Nine Miles South

Southern Metal Swagger From Surrey!

Source // www.midlandsmetalheads.com

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, you wake up with a song in your head that disappears into the ether five seconds later. You knew it was good but its just completely gone from your frazzled brain, never to be found again! Well fret no longer, we’ve found that song – 3 of ’em actually – neatly wrapped up in a bundle called Nine Miles South and you’re guaranteed to be singing these little ditty’s in your sleep for weeks on end!

In just three short tracks, Nine Miles South have established themselves as a band that have a great future. If you want to hang a label on the band they are primarily the British version of Ten Man Push – the official band of American Motocross fronted by the incredible John West (Badlands/Lynch Mob/Royal Hunt) – with elements of The Black Keys and Lynyrd Skynyrd also thrown into the mix.

The Reckoning“, which has had airplay on Planet Rock this month, kicks of with varied and well produced writing, its Southern swagger and classic rock stylings delivering a warmer feeling inside than a vat of moonshine. Leave Me Be” ably demonstrates the bands softer side and “Fingernails” just pushes straight on through with a faithfully ‘Deep South’ metal vibe that belies a band emanating from Surry!

Frankly, we can’t wait to hear more! Nine Miles South have the tone and feel of a band that are completely in touch with the music they love to play and have the nucleus of something that, with the right breaks, will surely take them on to greater things.

9/10 (with extra Cajun seasoning)

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