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Necrotted – Worldwide Warfare – Album Review

Show us your war face!

Hailing from Southern Germany, Necrotted have unleashed their third studio album Worldwide Warfare via Nemesis Records and, as expected, it’s a massive dose of intense death metal!

Active since 2008, Necrotted have worked hard to forge a reputation based on old-school influences and a more modern brutal/slam sound and Worldwide Warfare is no exception.

Slamming the listener with intensity and monstrous heaviness, the guys do not let up for a minute of this entire album, and death metal fans will be more than pleased with the high level of brutal guitar playing and insane blast beats on display. In particular, “The Lost Ones” maintains a tense atmosphere before it rips into full on aggression and an onslaught of vicious death metal growls and frantic, heavy riffs. Another highlight is, “Our Domination”, carrying a foreboding rawness that makes it stand out from the pack, while “Forlorn Planet” simply overflows with energy and contains a percussive attack that sounds like battle drums commanding men to fight to the death!

While Worldwide Warfare may not be particularly groundbreaking, it’s a solid piece of death metal that ably shows off Necrotted’s skills and musicianship. Bringing an ever more intricate and technical approach to their sound, Necrotted are certainly a band on the rise and we’re stoked to see what they have in store for the future! 8/10

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