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Mountain God – Forest Of The Lost – EP Review

All Hail The Mountain God!

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Forest Of The Lost is the follow up to Mountain God’s 5 Track EP, Experimentation On The Unwilling, released in 2013. On this occasion, the multi-track format is ditched in favour of an often ambient sprawl through oozing Sludge and murky Doom and the result is a richly textured one-track EP which rarely falters during its 19 minute duration.

The notion of discovery weaves through Forest Of The Lost‘s tumultuous and terrifying terrain. Mountain God take on the role of conquistador as they traverse dense pathways of thick, luscious Doom riffs, torturously processed vocals and experimental noise.

Lumbering menacingly into the unknown, Forest Of The Lost‘s crushing embrace of layered Doom eventually segues into a mesmerising milieu which in turn makes way for a cajun-esque, Deep South vibe which appears to kick off the ‘second half’ of the EP. Not that this epic necessarily splits itself into distinct parts but ‘sections’ do reveal themselves and a Stoner-Rock thunder of Kyuss proportions eventually leads us home again; exhausted, enlightened and enthralled.

Our conclusion. 1 song, 19 minutes; an experimental trip to Doom heaven \m/ 8/10

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