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Worship Metal Album Of The Week: XII Boar – Pitworthy

For Fans Of: Clutch, Desert Storm, Wilson & MF Ruckus

Source // Xii Boar

Worship Metal bring you a new weekly feature heralding those releases worthy of your attention and hard-earned cash.

This week’s recommendation comes courtesy of XII Boar and their full length debut, Pitworthy.

Launching into Pitworthy with the ferocity of the amped-up heavyweight boxer their boxing announcer intro conveys, XII Boar deliver nuthin’ but 10 tracks of hard rockers on their debut release. Like a crusty Lynyrd Skynyrd fortified with hefty, bear-man vocals and more than a faint whiff of beer and whiskey, Pitworthy‘s massive tunes will have your party palace of a brain overdosing on Classic Metal riffs, Southern-swagger and the kind of rabble-rousing anthems that make every day feel like a Friday!!

Pitworthy is an apt title as XII Boar have crafted an album perfectly executed to have crowds jumping, beers spilling and heads-a-banging. “Chicken Hawk” stomps, “Rock City‘s” central riff and low-slung grooves will have you grinning like a gap-toothed redneck high on his own supply and the epic title-track alone rides roughshod over the majority of mediocre Rock & Metal releases in 2015.

If the likes of Clutch, MF Ruckus, Desert Storm and Wilson stoke the fires of your molten Metal heart, then XII Boar will burn your throat like the reflux from hell.

Gonna buy some Heavy f*ckin’ Metal this week? We say buy this! 8/10

Pitworthy digital download is only a fiver, knees up motherf*ckers!!  Get it here: https://xiiboar.bandcamp.com

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