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Motörhead – Bad Magic – Album Review

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Bad Magic is studio album number 22(!) from the venerable Motörhead and anyone with even a passing interest in heavy music will be aware of the numerous – and serious – health problems that have blighted living legend Lemmy Kilmister over the last few years.

First things first, health problems be damned! Bad Magic see’s Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey doing what they do best, which is to deliver hard-as-nails Rock ‘N’ Roll. This album is chock-a-block full of great, big, dirty, swaggering riffs. Outside of Motörhead’s fan base Phil Campbell rarely gets the recognition he deserves and his work on this album meets his usual high standards. The lyrics are the usual fare for the band, life on the road, war, not letting the bastards grind you down etc. In other words everything you want from a Motörhead album!

Bad Magic is full of cracking tracks. From the obligatory full-throated opener “Victory Or Die to the purity – yet noted overfamiliarity – of “Electricity”, to the immediacy of “Shoot Out All Your Lights”. The only song that doesn’t really work is the cover of “Sympathy For The Devil”; perfect fodder lyrically but surprisingly tired in execution.

To be honest, at times Lemmy sounds more than a little frail but the man has been through the wars the last few years. If you’re not a fan of Motörhead this album won’t change your mind – although you’ve had 40 years to get used to them for christ’s sake! – however, for the remaining 99% of the population, Bad Magic is yet another quality release with much to savour and enjoy. 8/10

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