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Motherfucking Ruckus – Thieves Of Thunder – Album Review

For Fans of Clutch, Wilson & XII Boar

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It dawned on us rather quickly that the use of the potentially offensive words motherfucker or motherfucking was going to be ridiculously high in this review, so if you’re easily offended kindly look away now you pussy-whipped little cry baby.

On with the review…..

Motherfucking Ruckus join the likes of Extreme Noise Terror and Brutality in the most apt band name in history category, as these boys sure do kick up one hell of a motherfucking ruckus on this slab of pure and unadulterated good-time Rock ‘N’ Motherfucking Roll!

Unconcerned with unnecessary sub-genre classification, Motherfucking Ruckus will tickle your motherfucking fancy if you have even a passing interest in Rock N’ Roll and Classic Heavy Metal. Bringing the fun back to Rock, the sheer joy that emanates from each and every one of Thieves of Thunder‘s 15 tracks is beyond infectious and this could very well be the party Metal album of 2015. Crack open a beer (or six) and press play on this motherfucker and your whole house will be jumping; colossal riffs, talismanic vocals and quality songwriting raising the hairs on the back of your neck just like Iron Maiden used to.

Harnessing the spirit and good-time grooves of the bands that started it all (a smidgen of Thin Lizzy here, a dollop of Judas Priest there), Motherfucking Ruckus are the kind of band that are in this for life; rocking the fuck out is the only option and if they destroy your house in the process, so be it.

Thieves Of Thunder is so consistent from start to finish that ‘skipping’ a track just seems rude. From the Lynyrd Skynyrd grooves of “Talk All Day (Don’t Say Shit)” and the epic Priest/Saxon-a-like “Jesus Hellrasier Christ” to the pedal-to-the-metal title track itself, each track is like a heavyweight slug to the chest. Even the strangely alluring Johnny Cash inspired “All My Heroes Are In Hell” and the acoustic closer of “Cheatin’ Up” maintain the ludicrously enjoyable atmosphere; the sound of a band confident enough to lay down 15 motherfucking tracks (bordering on double album status surely!) without once leaning on ‘filler’ material.

If Wilson’s Full Blast Fuckery or any of Clutch’s formidable back catalogue are a regular feature in your earholes then Thieves Of Thunder is beyond mandatory.  

Thieves Of Thunder is Rock N’ Roll motherfucker, join the party and kick up a motherfucking ruckus! 8/10

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