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Methane – Kill It With Fire – Album Review

Burn, baby, burn!

Sweden’s Methane (not the country’s entire stinky gas quota fortunately) released their second full length album on 27th January, 2023 with the rather catchy – and potentially comical – title of Kill It With Fire. Formed in 2012 by bassist/vocalist Tim Scott (he of cult American death/thrashers Revenant) and Jimi Masterbo of Hell Patrol, Methane could hardly be described as prolific. However, as the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait and it has been just over a five year wait since 2017’s Pantera-styled, groove-laden The Devil’s Own.

So, what are we facing here? Well, Methane have adopted a no-frills maximum-kills approach and released a straight up thrash metal album. It opens up with the rather hard hitting title track and it’s a rather glorious thing indeed. Reminiscent of classic late 80’s early 90’s thrash offerings, it hits hard and fast and before we know it, we’re on to the second track, “Accuser Of The Brethren”. Sounds biblical. A quick Google search confirms this, but also throws up a link to a video of a rather sweary lady and it is her soundbite which is used to open this groovy mid-paced thrash monster.

“Declare Chaos” and “Shock And Awe” are faster paced still, with plenty of time changes throughout and it’s easy to hear classic thrash influences, with Slayer being amongst the favourites. 

“A Blood Red Sky” is a standout. Mostly mid paced and dripping with attitude, CJ Scioscia from cult thrashers Blood Feast (yes, THE Blood Feast) pops up to lend a hand and this is the kind of track that’ll have you joining in at the top of your lungs. “Down In The Gutter” then harks back to debut album The Devil’s Own as we’re firmly in Pantera territory with this groove-fest. The nostalgia rate is high with this track – it takes us right back to the early ’90’s and is a proper fist-waving foot-stomper to boot! Final track, “Thin The Herd” is then very Slayer-esque, with a little Justice era Metallica thrown in to keep things interesting. And that’s your lot. 7 tracks, at just over 30 minutes. Frankly, Kill It With Fire is not long enough and you’re left wanting more. Easily solved – just play the album again. Simples!

If you’re looking for something ground breaking or something avant-garde that’ll push the boundaries of the genre, then this is not the album for you. There’s nothing new here but then we’re talking about a genre that celebrates its 40th birthday this year (Kill ‘Em All was definitely the first proper thrash album. We will die on this hill). That’s not a bad thing though. What Methane have delivered is a proper old-school thrash metal album which tips its hat to the classic thrash bands we know and love, while also injecting a little early ‘90s groove into the mix.

Well played, Methane. Well played. A more than solid…. 8.5/10

<br />Methane - Kill It with Fire

Methane‘s Kill It With Fire was released independently on January 27th, 2023

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