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Konvent – Puritan Masochism – Album Review

Magisterial death / doom from Denmark!

It’s surprising that Denmark doesn’t have more bands on the global metal scene (aside from the inimitable King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Volbeat) making an impact. However, this dearth of bands may change with the arrival of death / doom foursome Konvent who, with their first full-length album Puritan Masochism, are receiving well-deserved accolades for their unique take on the death / doom sound.

There’s an alluring quality to the simple and hypnotic metal that Konvent have unleashed from the depths of Denmark and, with Puritan Masochism, these Danish women have created nine crushing songs with an immediacy that’s relatively rare in the realm of doom metal. Each song is distinctive and filled with a thunderous and sinister beauty balanced by catchy grooves (think a simpler Hooded Menace meets the brevity of Celtic Frost).

One of the strongest tracks, “Ropes Pt. II”, has an elegant black and white video that captures the simple sophistication of Konvent’s sound. Like their music, the video is captivating. The rest of the eight tracks are all worthy of your attention with not a weak one among them.

Sometimes it’s hard to buy into the hype that a company like Napalm Records create around a new band but the excitement generated around Konvent is right on. With a simplicity and directness that few doom bands can achieve, this Danish quartet have released a killer debut. 8/10

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