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Illustr8ors – Your Animal – Single Review

And I want....and I need....and I lust....ANIMAL!

Source // Illustr8tors

Illustr8ors are a new/not so new British band who, under their previous guise as BlackWolf, created one hell of a buzz for themselves back in 2014. However, it would appear that the chaps decided a fresh start was needed and so out went the old name and in came the new! The band made their live debut at Ramblin Man Fair towards the end of July and now have their debut single out as a taster ahead of their self-titled EP release in October…so it would appear things are moving pretty quickly for them.

“Your Animal” starts off with nice crispy riffing before the bass and drums kick in and it’s from this point that the band really find their feet, kicking into a sprightly groove that continues to the end of the track. Admittedly, the vocals of Scott Sharpe – and some of his phrasing – took a listen or two to get used to but then everything just seemed to click; the production from Toby Jepson (ex Little Angels amongst others) provides the song with a satisfyingly hard edged wallop as well.

A delightfully tasty wee morsel from Illustra8ors forthcoming EP then. If the rest of their output is as good as this, the boys will have hit a home run and if there’s any justice out there (there isn’t but if there was) “Your Animal” is the type of track that should be getting heavy rotation on rock shows/stations around the UK!

Illustr8ors will be suppoting Toseland on their UK tour from the end of September. Anybody thinking of going should make sure to get there early, show some love to this great band and support your local scene! 8/10

Source // Illustr8tors

Source // Illustr8tors


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