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Helloween – Skyfall – Single Review

“Skyfall” – the new Helloween single, released ahead of their long-anticipated self-titled album and featuring stalwarts Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen – could have done one of two things: fallen flat on its face, or do what was promised by the premise of reunification: restore Helloween to their late ‘80’s glory!

While the latter is something of a misnomer – Helloween’s prodigious output since their ‘heyday’ leaves nothing to be desired (if only some fans could get beyond themselves) – there can be little to no doubt that “Skyfall” heralds the possibility of an all-time classic album to come.

The butchering of the single edit aside (down to 7 minutes from 12 but the full song is available with alternate vocals on the B-side,) “Skyfall” offers up all the trademark Helloween harmonies enveloped by a blistering opening riff and extremely well-thought-out arrangements, almost certainly entering the song into the canon of Helloween epics.

The one great danger of the enterprise – having three vocalists, namely Hansen at the partial expense of Helloween‘s two other far superior singers, Kiske and Andi Deris – is allayed by the judicious apportionment of their respective parts on the B-side, if not on the single edit. Great things to come! 9/10

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  1. Great review, but I have to disagree. Kai’s vocals are also great! No danger at all for the album!

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