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Headless Kross – Projections 1 – Album Review

Source // Headless Kross - Projections 1

Scottish blackened doom-mongers Headless Kross are on a journey, a three album journey of wanton misery (is there any other?) and Projections 1 is the first instalment of what should be a soul-eviscerating trip into the darkest recesses of the mind.

Caked in filth, this unholy trio are a nasty proposition, channeling Eyehategod levels of sludge and jettisoning complexity in favour of monolithic rhythms that grind their way into your subconscious with wave after wave of intelligible screams and back-breaking riffs. A truly uncomfortable experience, there’s little in the way of structure for more traditional metalheads to grip onto but those accustomed to the more abrasive side of doom/sludge should find Headless Kross a more than enticing proposition.

Reverbing their way so far into the depths of hell they’re probably currently lodged somewhere in Satan’s lower intestine, Headless Kross sit poised, patiently waiting to be shat out into the world with all the gut-clenching ferocity the horned-one can muster (this is, of course, a compliment in ‘metal’ terms).

Projection? Here’s ours; things can only get nastier! 7/10

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