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FVNERALS – Wounds – Album Review

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Orbiting a universe far more ethereal than Worship Metal are used to, Glasgow’s FVNERALS make up for their semi-lack of traditional ‘heavy’ elements with an altogether more suffocatingly transcendent sound. A vortex of raw emotion, the word haunting is used far too often but what other word best describes a trio that unnervingly creep under your skin with each considered movement?

Spine-tingling, heckle-raising and goosebump-inducing, the measured strokes found here ironically take a ‘funeral’ doom metal approach to the more reflective moments and dark pop of recent Goldfrapp, resulting in an album that you experience as opposed to merely listen to.

Oddly, Wounds seems to share space and time with those black metal bands who seek to challenge convention and deliver a bleak and desolate ambient endurance test. Of course, this is merely a lightly drawn comparison. The post-rock, shoegaze world FVNERALS inhabit is far removed from the icy Nordic landscapes and blast beats most associated with black metal but the feelings conjured by both are unavoidably similar.

So, were we surprised by Wounds? You bet your ass we were! Are we converted to the tantalisingly morbid ways of FVNERALS? That’s another affirmative and one that has led to a very welcome discovery. Sadness has never been more beguiling and the journey FVNERALS are on rewards your mettle while it breaks down your defences.

Are you brave enough to open up old wounds? 8/10

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