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From The Underground – Barús / Morbid Messiah / Ruin – Album Reviews!

Wrap your ears around this filth!

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts, Memento Mori are set to unleash 3 albums of unparalleled filth on 22nd October 2018!

Starting with:

Barús – Drowned

Release date: 22 October 2018
Country: France
Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Barús are the kind of forward thinking (dare we say post-death metal?) band who should appeal to fans of such fearless acts as Gorguts, Ulcerate, Portal and Deathspell Omega, such is their innate ability to transcend easy classification.

Complex, challenging and as daunting as traversing the labyrinthine tunnels of hell itself, Barús specialise in crushing the listener under the sheer weight of their riffs and the foreboding sense of their compositions. Technical – but not in the traditional sense – they instead lean towards shrouded atmospherics which engulf the senses and shape-shifting atonal riffing, as opposed to shred-fests of finger-melting speed.

To put an annoyingly cloy name to this noise would be to describe it as post-death metal but that would also do those moments when Barús perforate your eardrums with uncompromising brutality a considerable disservice. As challenging and ‘progressive’ as this album is, it’s still a death metal album at heart…..but it sure is a suffocatingly dense behemoth of a release! It also happens to be fucking outstanding. 9/10

Morbid Messiah – Demoniac Paroxysm

Release date: 22 October 2018
Country: Mexico
Genre: Death Metal

In the name of true death metal, here lies Morbid Messiah.

Who? Mexican fuckin’ death metal nutcases who revel in inhuman gutturals and the morbid beauty of all hell breaking loose, that’s who! These miscreants couldn’t give two stinky shits about trends, instead they honour the old gods of Possessed, Cenotaph and Death circa Scream Bloody Gore and their inhuman diatribes are violence in extremis.

When they’re not “Crawling In Guts”, Morbid Messiah are wallowing in their own “Fetid Bloodbath” and it’s pretty clear that refinement is not on the menu.

Fans of the oldest-school of death metal will love this putrid shit! 6/10

Ruin – Human Annihilation

Release date: 22 October 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Death Metal

With tracks titled “Secreted Guts” and “Savage Mutilation” you know what you’re getting with Ruin, right?

That’s correct, Ruin play crusty, gnarly, vicious death fuckin’ metal replete with Autopsy-esque moments of savage doom…..and they come armed with killer tunes too (and hacksaws and axes if their band pics are anything to go by)!

Apparently Ruin were exhumed way back in 1990, and the torturous sounds found on Human Annihliation certainly have them pegged as remnants from death metal’s golden era. This is savagery at its most honest and those seeking technicality need to look elsewhere as Ruin specialise in lo-fi brutality. Moments of calm do occasionally rise above the chainsaw-guitared mire (see the opening acoustic intro to “Savage Mutilation”) but it’s very much business as usual for these primeval wielders of brutality, with the aforementioned lo-fi production only adding to the overall nastiness.

Ruin aren’t doing anything new (and they blatantly don’t want to), but as old-school death metal albums go, Human Annihilation is perfectly serviceable stuff…..so go ruin your ears! 7/10

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