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Foetal Juice – Gluttony – Album Review

Feast on it!

We all like old school death metal, right? The gorier the better we say!

We all like great band names that riff on cult 80’s black comedy’s too, right?

Of course we fuckin’ do….and that’s where Manchester’s Foetal Juice come in!

Dragging death metal kicking and screaming back to its putrid past (i.e. the late 80’s / early 90’s), the deviants in Manchester’s Foetal Juice deliver nothing but the finest old-school onslaught on their second album, Gluttony. Gorging on the very life-force of death metal’s founding fathers means that Foetal Juice share an undeniable kinship with the likes of Cannibal Corpse (think Bloodthirst era) and Master (circa On the Seventh Day god Created …Master) as they steadfastly go about their barbaric business. That is to say that Foetal Juice take the tastiest chunks of these bands and re-form them into a meaty platter of modern sounding death metal with an old-school twist.

Overconsumption of this delicious death metal platter is rendered impossible by the sheer addictive nature of Gluttony‘s 12 tracks. High on energy, low on subtlety, the likes of “Take your Face For A Shit” and “Antagonistic Bastard” are undeniably visceral and laced with a pitch black humour befitting the band. It should be noted that we’re not just in familiar Floridian death metal terrain here as Foetal Juice’s chainsaw guitars and frenzied d-beat drumming also pulls from the Scandinavian scene, adding another layer of dirt and grime to this most juiciest of proceedings.

Suitably sloppy, furiously filthy and deliciously diabolical, Foetal Juice have simply stepped up and delivered a death metal album for the masses. Bravo lads, bravo. 8/10

Foetal Juice’s Gluttony is out NOW via Gore House Productions.

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