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Fleshbore – Fleshbore Demo – EP Review

Long live the new flesh!

Fleshbore are a new up and coming band from Indianapolis and their brand of technical death metal contains enough crushing riffs, abrasive yet catchy melodies and atonal solos to write themselves into 2017’s phenomenal tech death rulebook.

With an abundance of technically proficient bands delivering outstanding releases this year, the odds of being noticed amidst the mire of attention deficit and schizophrenic riff-wankery are pretty slim. However, Fleshbore are anything but shrinking violets and are certainly not content to hover in the background as the likes of Suffocation, Origin and Decepit Birth steal all the plaudits.

In fact, with this 4-track arsenal in their back pocket they could find themselves climbing the tech death ladder rather quickly as he likes of “Sleeve Of Scars” offer a mainlined cerebral adrenaline rush for those accustomed to the furious nature of modern tech death. Mindless technicality this is not, Fleshbore write proper songs…..and they’re damn catchy too!

As a demonstration of what these guys are capable of, Fleshbore ably showcases a unit who can execute technical death with pure passion and fury while reigning in the frankly silly showboating many bands of their ilk focus on. What an entrance! 7/10

Fleshbore is currently available at Fleshbore’s bandcamp page…..name your price!

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  1. You had me at “Origin”. Solid release.

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