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Worship Metal Album of the Week – Dischordia – Triptych

Technical / brutal / dissonant death metal – you don’t fuckin’ say! This shit absolutely mangles your mind and if you go in expecting big hooks you’ll be leaving bitterly disappointed. Dischordia (as their name more than merely suggests) are jarring and disharmonious. They revel in angular sounds that cut through you like a hot knife through warm flesh (ouch!) before flights of progressive fancy send you down a path untravelled.

For instance, were you expecting moments of folky flute to break up the monstrous onslaught of “Bodies Of Ash”. No. Of course you fucking weren’t. Nonetheless, you’ll still find yourself thoroughly immersed in Dischordia’s strange new world when these interludes do arrive. Fear not brutal death metal lovers, as the band soon return to an appropriate level of aural nastiness but it’s Dischordia’s progressive nature that stays with you long after the blasting has ruined what’s left of your already fragile ears.

Dischordia don’t take it easy on you either with relatively lengthy tracks affording the band ample time to experiment wildly, all the while creating an unsettling and unnerving atmosphere of unpredictably. They do veer off on tangents that are consistently surprising – “Spirits Of Dirt”, we’re looking at you – but these moments of introspection amidst a barrage of brutality are welcome; showcasing a fearless band who couldn’t give two shits about what you expect from brutal death metal. Fatigue does threaten to creep in once the discordant din of “The Carriage” trundles into view but that’s par for the course when experiencing music of this nature and shouldn’t be seen as a criticism, more a comment on the staying power of this particular listener.  

While Dischordia have shown moments of promise over the course of their two albums released to date (2013’s Project 19 and 2016’s Thanatopsis), this is next level shit from this uber-talented band. Uncomfortable and challenging, the noise made by these American anarchists is brave and bewildering and we can’t recommend it enough! 8/10

Dischordia’s Triptych is due for release on 29th April 2022, via Transcending Obscurity Records.

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