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Eteritus – Rotten Transition – Album Review

Rotten to the core!

A welcome blast of guttural growls, groove and buzzsaw riffs – an old-school Swedish death metal fans wet dream in other words – it’s pretty damn fair to say that these Polish brutalists love a bit of old-school Dismember, Bloodbath and Grave and aren’t afraid to nick their most recognisable sound wholesale. Hardly a transition from earlier works then but resolutely rotten to the core, the joy in Rotten Transition is simply going with Eteritus’ flow….. an ever-flowing stream of mostly mid-tempo filth and putrid perseverance.

Built on a solid foundation of gut-gurgling riffs, Eteritus are content to let their semi-melodic songs sucker-punch you into the abyss; with the relative simplicity of the entire exercise masking a distinct knack for penning catchy as fuck death metal tunes.


You can take the chugging immediacy and warped dank despair of “Evil Remains” as ample proof of Eteritus’ stripped-back skills and, as for their direct approach, look no further than the melodic death metal malevolence of “Angel’s Cunt” which takes no prisoners.

With absolutely no original features to discuss this might sound like a dead end of an album but Eteritus are simply keeping the Swedish death metal flame alight…..and that’s OK with us! It may not be a massively memorable album but when it’s on, it remorselessly pummels you senseless and we’re happy to keep taking the hits. 

Eteritus are resolutely following the ancient path and they will not deviate! 7/10

Rotten Transition

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Format: CD / DIGITAL
Release date: September 24, 2021
Country: Poland
Genre: Death Metal

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