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Denim Casket – Demo – EP Review

Shat out of the greasy bowels of Boise in the year of 2018!

A raving mad descent into the cess-pool of the human mind, this unnatural grindcore-esque racket comes courtesy of drums, not one but two people doing terrible (possibly illegal) things to a bass and vocals….they’re called Denim Casket, and they’re from Boise, Idaho.

A sludgey mess of incomputable head-fucking noise, Denim Casket most certainly operate outside of the sphere of normal human existence, precariously teetering on the edge of sanity and flipping the bird at society’s obsession with conformity. “Wrinkled Shirt” is the song that best embodies this ethos but the whole thing reeks of nihilism and a distinct disdain for modern life’s numerous trappings.

Just presume that early Napalm Death and EyeHateGod interfered with one another and Denim Casket were the result. If you like the sound of that unholy communion, you’ll probably like the sound/noise/racket/hubub made by Denim Casket. Filthy! 6/10

Check out Denim Casket’s Demo over at bandcamp!

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