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Deflore And Jaz Coleman – Party In The Chaos – EP Review

Prior to supporting legendary UK post-punk/industrial metal geniuses Killing Joke, Italian industrial metal duo Deflore had been struggling for a number of years to find a suitable vocalist for the music they’d been creating. Fortunately, they clicked with Killing Joke vocalist Jaz Coleman and the seeds of Party In The Chaos were finally sown!

Kicking off with the title track, Deflore And Jaz Coleman hit the ground running and show what a potent force they are, when their respective powers are combined. Basing their sound around throbbing bass, glistening shards of repetitive riffs and plenty of electronics, there is an innate sense of infectious danceability to the three songs that make up this release.

On “Party In The Chaos” and “Transhuman World”, Jaz unleashes his gruff stream of consciousness lyrics with his usual manic intensity. Meanwhile, the instrumental “Sunset In The West” has a slow burning, almost ambient start, before those repetitive riffs come crashing in again, giving the piece a glacial and hypnotic feel.

If there is a problem with Party In The Chaos it’s that we could have done with more than three songs! Here’s to hoping there’s a full length album to come from this potent combo. 8/10

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