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Dead Town Nothing – Consequences – Album Review

Dead Town Nothing offer an adrenaline shot to the arm of mainstream mediocrity

In an era of identikit and safe ‘whatever-core’ bands, the Isle Of Wight’s Dead Town Nothing are a refreshingly honest and brutally effective, and affective, Punk-Metal hybrid who’s latest release, Consequences, positively bleeds integrity.

Recalling the gnashing fury of Hardcore-Heroes Converge and the passion and energy of late 90’s/early 00’s underrated Punk-Metallers Amen, Dead Town Nothing are happy to reveal their infected wounds and purge the anger that lives at the very core of us all; some bands offer release, Consequences is positively cathartic.

Real-world, urbanised and painfully raw, album highlights “Eight Lives Down”, “Keelhaul”, “Scene It All Before”, “Please Try Again” and “Doers And Dreamers” punish the listener with heartfelt diatribes of failed relationships and the harsh realities of life and yet a positive message of battling life’s demons also shines through. Amidst the barrage of noise and ricocheting riffs, Dead Town Nothing exhibit a cunning knack for melody, you may have to search for it, but it is there; an extraordinary balancing act of temper and tranquility.

It’s almost impossible to capture the intensity of Dead Town Nothing’s live show on record but Consequences more than adequately captures the real-feel and violent nature of this sensational band.   

Dead Town Nothing are definitely ‘Doers’, there’s no need to dream when you’re this capable of delivering the goods. 9/10


“Consequences” is available on CD and download…we strongly advise you get it!

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