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Danko Jones – Wild Cat – Album Review

Danko Jones is back....and waiting to pounce!

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Danko Jones are one of those bands that seem to have been around for ages – 20 years in fact – but operate just below people’s radar, despite the reasonably high profile of their frontman from whom the band take their name. That being said, they seem to increase in popularity with every release, so is album number eight going to be the one to make the final breakthrough for them?

If you’re familiar with Danko Jones, then you’ll already know that they deal in a no-nonsense, balls-out brand of rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll laced with a smidgen of punk attitude; a slightly less refined Volbeat if you will….and that’s a good thing!

Frankly, a quick look at the song titles on Wild Cat gives you all the information you need with “I Gotta Rock”, “Going Out Tonight”, “She Likes It” and “Success In Bed”  signalling this band’s 100% commitment on having a good time, all of the time and their own music is the perfect soundtrack. Whether it’s the aforementioned “I Gotta Rock” (don’t we all!), the full tilt boogie of “Lets Start Dancing” or “You Are My Woman”- which has a distinct Thin Lizzy vibe and comes across like the long lost twin of “Romeo and The Lonely Girl”, with Danko Jones doing his best lascivious Phil Lynott impression – Wild Cat is a non-stop hit parade of rump-shaking, sexed-up rockers!

As most of the songs on Wild Cat follow the same template it does have the potential to be repetitive, although the band combat this by having no song stick around for more than four minutes; they get in, kick your ass and fuck off again before you realise what’s happened!

Wild Cat is not going to change the world but then again that was never Danko Jones’ plan. But, will it be the big breakthrough they so truly deserve? Could be, could be!  7/10

Danko Jones Wild Cat

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