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Corrosion Of Conformity – Belfast Limelight 1 – Wednesday 24 October 2018

Considering this was Corrosion Of Conformity‘s third visit to Belfast since 2015, there was a great deal of anticipation around the Limelight ahead of their appearance. No doubt some of this was due to the fact they were promoting this years absolutely stonking release – and previous Worship Metal Album of the Week – No Cross, No Crown.

Kicking off with the one-two punch of “Novus Deus” and a ferocious “The Luddite”, it quickly becomes apparent that the band would not be content until they had firmly kicked the arses of all those in attendance. As ever, Pepper Keenan proved to be an engaging, genial frontman who exudes Southern charm. But, for the most part, he was content to let the music do the talking for him and, although the sound in the Limelight was not exactly perfect, there was no denying the quality of songs on display.

From the stupendously heavy “Seven Days” to the seething fury of “Vote With A Bullet” – before finishing the night off with a groove-mungous “Albatross” and an extended “Clean My Wounds”, which had Keenan pretty much finishing off the song amongst the crowd – Corrosion Of Conformity’s ability to hold the assembled throng in the palm of their hand remained throughout.

Just like their musical brethren in Clutch, Corrosion Of Conformity seem to inspire a special kind of devotion from their fans, fans who lapped up every minute of this set. It also shows the sheer quality of their back catalogue, that they could drop fan favourites such as “Wiseblood” and “King Of The Rotten” and they weren’t even missed! Performances like this highlight exactly why Corrosion Of Conformity are so admired by the metal community. Simply put, it was a night of great music delivered by great musicians. 9/10

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