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Catastrophe – The Eyes Of Kryon – Single Review

Dare you stare into The Eyes Of Kryon?!

A middle-eastern flavour ushers in the debut single from Dublin’s Catastrophe, before all hell breaks loose as these Testament-styled thrashers run the gauntlet of classic thrash influences and heady subject matter.

With a Chuck-Billy-esque growl giving way to a grittier snarl, vocals and barreling riffs aren’t the only ‘heavy’ thing about “The Eyes Of Kryon” as Catastrophe aren’t just channeling the spirit of 80’s thrash, they’re also on a metaphysics trip….and what appears to be the indictment of the cult-like magnetic presence of Kryon.

Supposedly, ‘Kryon’ is a loving entity, who delivers messages of peace and empowerment for all humanity. These messages are then channelled through divine humans, who have the honour of telling us how we should be living our lives. Of course, it all ends in prophecies of doom, alien invasion and the impending apocalypse. In other words, the perfect subject matter for some honest-to-goodness thrashing!

Intelligent and heavy on groove, “The Eyes Of Kryon” is a thundering barrage of old-school thrash furnished with a modern metal sensibility…..and that’s a damn good combination in our eyes! “You’re one of us” shrieks frontman Jamie Murphy, as we’re drawn into the hypnotic eyes of Kryon. Frankly, you’d be a fool to resist. 7/10

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