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Bullhead – Black Goat Abortion – EP Review

Get yourself down the clinic....it's black goat abortion time!

Black Goat Abortion is the debut sludge metal release from the UK’s Bullhead and these bastards dwell in some dark, dank, decidedly devilish places if this grime is anything to go by!

Shrieking and caterwauling over this filth is bassist/vocalist Stuart Lewis who does not care a jot for melody (or for being in tune for that matter) but then sludge metal wasn’t invented to be sung over (just go and ask Eyehategod frontman Mike Williams)! Instead, this blackening bruise of barely formed noise is meant to provoke a response, even if that response is to vomit, noisily, into your pint glass and you don’t fuckin’ sing over this shit….you yell, scream and grunt over it.

Rumbling your guts like a bad case of the shits, 2 of the 3 songs contained on Black Goat Abortion are originals (take that term loosely, this is sludge metal after all), and they provide a typically savage sludge metal experience. There’s some Iron Monkey belligerence in there, a little bit of the aforementioned Eyehategod and a whole heap of fellow UK under-grounders Burden of The Noose. Nuthin’ you ain’t heard before but pleasing nonetheless. The remaining track is a relatively faithful cover of the Melvins thunderously heavy “Night Goat”, which is always a treat in whatever manner you hear it, and Bullhead’s version is damn decent.

At heart, Black Goat Abortion is a wanton blast of brain-drilling noise. You will either adore Bullhead for not giving two-fucks if their noise destroys brain cells, or, you’ll despise their very existence. Either way, you’ll have an opinion…..and that’s in Bullhead’s favour! 6/10

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