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Biters – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be – Album Review

Take a bite out of this glam rock goodness!

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We’ll be honest, when this arrived in the Worship Metal mailbox we were a tad hesitant about what lay in store for us. What with all the mention of Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day and recently touring with Sum 41, we presumed we were in for some god awful pop punk nonsense! However, with much trepidation, we gave the album a blast and sweet-buggering-fuck are we glad that we did!

If you only listen to metal and nothing else then you may as well stop reading right now because The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be can in no way, shape or form, be considered metal. It would also be a struggle to class it as hard rock, but what it is though is a fabulous throwback to the glory days of British Glam Rock!!

With all ten songs lasting under four minutes, Biters waste no time in kicking your arse and forcing you to overdose on sugary pop rock goodness and the only time the tempo drops is for the sullen “Hollywood” and the bluesy “Goin’ Back To Georgia”.

Frankly, it’s pointless trying to pick just a few songs to highlight in this review when all ten songs are as catchy as hell and contain more hooks than Pinhead on the hunt for more souls to tear apart. We will say this though, “Stone Cold Love” is such a perfect approximation of T.Rex, it’s like Bolan and co. had written and performed the damn thing themselves….and that’s no overstatement.

So, there you have it, there is no way this album can be mistaken for metal but damn it if Biters have not gone and released the soundtrack of the summer. If glam, Cheap Trick and even a wee smidgen of Def Leppard float your boat then give this wee beauty a blast and let The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be take you to the heights of T.Rexstacy! 9/10

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