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Baroness – Chlorine & Wine – Single Review

Chlorine & Wine leaves an incredible taste in the mouth

Source // Baroness

Trippy, ambient, piano-led and categorically not Metal, the opening minute of Baroness’ first track made available from new album Purple, hints at the direction album number 4 is heading. One thing is immediately apparent; this band are unafraid to go anywhere in their pursuit of progressive artistry while still working within the confines of Metal’s parameters. Those parameters are undoubtedly being stretched though!

Still a guitar band at core, there’s a Thin Lizzy vibe to the leads and riffs of this outstanding song, Baroness find themselves forever peaking and ever-reaching upwards in a swirl of varying soundscapes; interestingly, all with an uplifting and other-worldy air. “Chlorine & Wine”‘s final crescendo is resplendent with fervour and the kind of dramatic edge pioneered by Queen in the 70’s; a sense of intriguing spectacle consistently finding it’s way through the slightly – and only slightly considering this bands past – chuggy, sludgy riffs.

Baroness are still heavy but perhaps not in a way you’ll be familiar with. Beautiful. 8/10

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