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10 Game Changing Releases From Earache Records

An earache worth having!

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Great Britain invented Heavy Metal. Fact.

But there are those who might venture to say, “Yeah, but what have you lot done since Black Sabbath?”

Well how about this for one. In 1987, Punk aficionado Digby Pearson laid the foundations for a record label that would repeatedly address that very question when he released The Return of Martha Splatterhead by The Accused. This inauspicious slab of vinyl was the first to bear the name of Earache Records….but it certainly wouldn’t be the last!

So, with the kind input of Al Dawson – Earache Records U.S. Label Manager and a man lucky enough to be at ground-level when these legendary albums were made – Worship Metal revisits ten of Earache’s game-changing releases. These are records that established a waypoint, not just for the artist or label but for Heavy Metal in general and whose value remains undeniable to this day.

If other Earache releases had a similar effect on you, leave a comment below. Let’s talk each other’s ears off!

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