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Aeveron – VVD Destination Annihilation – Album Review


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Five-piece Aeveron who, despite being German, dub their music ‘Melodic Swedish Death’ formed in 2002 as the result of ‘diverse musical influences’. However, perhaps a little bit more diversity would be a good thing here as their album, VVD Destination Annihilation, sounds a lot like Melodic Death Metal forbearers, In Flames and At the Gates. As the genre requires, Aeveron can certainly play their instruments but unfortunately they do not possess much that sets them aside from the millions of other skilled bands shovelling the Gothenburg Sound or channelling the soul of late-era Carcass.

On VVD Destination Annihilation, all Melodeath key ingredients are present and correct; great guitar tone, elegantly harmonised melodies, fast tremolo picking and a few great solos (as on “Mitternacht”), but the overriding feeling is one of blandness. There is lots of skill on show, but little passion and fire. The songs sound clinically well-constructed, some even containing a hook or refrain designed to stick in your head, but a lot of it falls flat. The riffs are fairly forgettable and one pretty guitar melody quickly dissolves seamlessly into the next. There is a bit of keyboard on the album, clearly aiming to heighten the sense of drama and scale but it feels underused and stubbornly refuses to step out of the shadow of the guitars. Vocals are one area where Aeveron appear more willing to take risks in the form of cleanly sung parts, replete with some pleasingly adventurous attempts at harmony. Although, while the frontman’s grandiose baritone sounds great in places, in others it does degenerate into a sort of weird Death Metal Eurovision entry.

There are stronger moments on the album. We liked “Insanity”, where Aeveron floor it with aggressive staccato riffs and Carcass-referencing vocals that flip from growl to scream. Same Goes for “Cave Hominem” – another solid tune – with the drummer stepping up, showcasing deft switches of feel behind the toiling riffs and ringing power chords.

In some ways, VVD Destination Annihilation is Melodeath taken to its logical conclusion. With so many of the rough edges smoothed off, the end product has a genteel, almost soporific effect. Aeveron are perhaps a victim of their own musical ability, too polished, too generic and not confrontational enough to get the blood pumping. Great guys to have as your music teacher, but maybe not the band to provide the soundtrack to your day. 5/10

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