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Acid Brigade – Addicted To Distortion – Demo Review

Source // Acid Brigade

Brazil has long been a well known breeding ground for thrash bands. Maybe it’s their climate or maybe it has to do with their society/government but surely the Brazilians are trumped only by the US and Germany when it comes to producing quality thrash. Now, the relatively new Acid Brigade can be added to the long list of Brazilian bands worth keeping an eye and and an ear on.

Addicted To Distortion is the groups first demo, it was recorded in June of this year and consists of four tracks that show what the band are capable of, which is retro sounding melodic thrash. The songs are of varying quality but, that being said, none of them are actually bad and it’s the first two tracks that pique the interest the most. Opening track “Architects Of Our Own Demise” uses the age old thrash trick of having a long intro that gradually builds in pace and intensity and sonically brings to mind Extreme Aggression era Kreator, while the following track, “Bitter End”, has traces of Slayer in the guitar lines and lets face it, if you’re going to be inspired by the works of others, you may as well be inspired by the best!

The quality dips slightly for the last two tracks but as already mentioned this does not make them bad, just slightly less interesting. Another slight gripe is that at times, especially on the solos, the sound is a bit skew-wiff but this is a demo and recorded live so fair play to them for what they’ve tried to do.

Over all then, Addicted To Distortion is somewhat of a mixed bag. Acid Brigade definitely show signs of potential and it will be interesting to see what they do next. Ones to watch out for. 6/10

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