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Abyssal Worm – Kingdom Of Decadence – EP Review

Grindy, brutal noise for sadists....

Abyssal Worm specialise in the kind of aural cacophony that would have even the most ardent extreme metal fan begging for mercy. These German’s couldn’t give two shits about your safety and their incessant blasts of brutal death metal meets grindcore is as hard as they come.

Fully committed to a pace that can only be described as bastard-fast, Kingdom Of Decadence whips by in a frenzy of blast-beats, buzz-saw guitars and guttural growls. “Conquest By Submission” settles into a nice groove but, other than that, this is simply an exercise in animalistic rage.

There’s little variety here to speak of with Abyssal Worm seemingly content to just blast their way into oblivion. So, if it’s utter carnage you’re after, then we can’t recommend Kingdom Of Decadence highly enough. However, those who look for a little more nuance (even in brutal death metal / grindcore) may wish to look elsewhere. 6/10

Abyssal Worm‘s Kingdom Of Decadence was released independently on 13th January, 2023

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