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Aborted Earth – Birth – EP Review

Death/grind brutality from Ireland......

Irish grindcore. You want some, right! Well, Aborted Earth are here to satisfy your craving with Birth, a 4-track EP of grinding, deathly malevolence which is over in a flash…..but leaves a lasting impression!

Opening with the suitably frantic “Deceiver”, grindcore may be the band-provided description but we feel these guys are in death/grind territory. Two of Birth‘s tracks are short and savage but they’re not ‘micro-songs’ and elements of groove offer enough variance to stop them from becoming all out blast-fests. “Frailty” then has a little of the Autopsy about it, with a doomier intro slowing things down as frontman Jamie Murphy expertly growls over Aborted Earth’s grinding, sludgy noise.

Gordo Casey (from Dublin based metallers Chemical Sacrement’s) pops up on “Wombripper” to provide added grit…..and that’s your lot. Birth over.

A satisfyingly solid slab of death/grind, Aborted Earth aren’t reinventing the wheel but their unrestrained grindcore savagery and meticulously crafted death metal brutality does combine to often thrilling effect! 7/10

Aborted Earth’s Birth is available now. Nip over to bandcamp and have a listen!

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