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Thrash Underdogs Atrophy Return!

Atrophy belie their name and make a welcome return!

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This one took us by surprise! Arizona Thrash underdogs Atrophy appear to be officially active again and any fans of their two Roadrunner Records releases, Socialised Hate and Violent By Nature, will be thrilled at this unexpected news.

Unconcerned with unnecessarily lengthy compositions and progressive noodling, Atrophy were true Thrashers who took the core ingredients of Thrash and refused to mess with a winning formula, resulting in two quality albums that hit with immeasurable groove, cunning melody and some of the catchiest, bounciest, mosh-pit friendly Thrash anthems to be found!

James Gulotta (Bass) and Tim Kelly (Drums) are confirmed and vocalist Brian Zimmerman is rumoured to be interested, so with three quarters of the original line-up involved consider this one reunion with more than just a whiff of idle chit-chat about it.

Far from wasting away, Atrophy sound rejuvenated and determined to give it one last shot. Teasing the idea of a long, long-overdue third album could just be the beginning! 

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  1. BlackCatTheory // July 20, 2015 at 1:14 pm // Reply

    Shit. Violent by nature was a goddamn masterpiece. They really should have been bigger.

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