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Praying Mantis Set Their Legacy In Stone With 10th Album

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Praying Mantis, one of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’s most influential bands, are set to return with the imminent release of their 10th album entitled Legacy. 

Featuring two new members, Jaycee Cuijpers and Hans in’t Zandt (vocals and drums respectively), alongside guitarist Andy Burgess and Praying Mantis founders Tino and Chris Troy, Legacy is sure to continue a run of albums that maintain their NWOBHM sound but also embrace a modern melodic Hard Rock aesthetic.

Track Listing for Legacy is as follows:

Fight For Your Honour
The One
Better Man
All I See
Here To Stay
The Runner
Eyes Of A Child
Fallen Angel
Second Time Around

One of the most influential and famous artists in the Rock field – Rodney Matthews (Magnum, Diamond Head, Allen/Lande) – has been commissioned to do the artwork and his stunning image recalls Mantis albums Time Tells No Lies and Predator In Disguise. A fitting image for a fitting album title that should cement Praying Mantis’ legacy in stone \m/

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