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L.A Thrashers Eliminate Recruit Renowned Drummer!

Source // Eliminate

L.A Thrashers Eliminate have announced their replacement for departing drummer Sasha Horn (Forbidden).

Joining vocalist Don Doty (ex-Dark Angel), guitarist Scott Owen (ex-Hirax, Subversion), guitarist Henry Elizondo (ex-Devastation) and bassist John Signorelli  (Subversion) is the inimitable presence of Joe Cangelosi.

Those who know their Thrash will recognise Joe as the skin basher behind Kreator’s Cause For Conflict and Whiplash’s Ticket To Mayhem, Insut To Injury and Unborn Again. Certainly no stranger to the Thrash world, this East Coast veteran has also served time with pioneering Death metallers Massacre and Joe’s induction enforces Eliminate’s Thrash super-group credentials!

Eliminate had this to say regarding Joe’s appointment:

“this is the beginning of a new chapter and we are excited to embrace it….thanks to all that support Eliminate – and Thrash in general –  without you it means nothing.”

Exciting times ahead from a band with more than enough pedigree to make a significant impact on the scene!

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