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Cynic To Continue Despite Band Dispute?

The cynical amongst us may have seen this coming....

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Despite Cynic looking dead in the water after drummer Sean Reinert announced that ongoing personal difficulties had proved insurmountable, Paul Masvidal and Sean Malone are, in fact, soldiering on.

Paul had this to say regarding the future of Cynic and the recent cancellation of live performances:

“We worked really hard to turn things around with this European tour but it wasn’t possible despite efforts from many people. I know many of you have gone through considerable costs to attend our shows and I’m so deeply sorry for the inconvenience, expense and whatever trouble it may have caused you. I want you to know that we will make it up to you, somehow, someway. I’m so grateful for this opportunity for Cynic to headline Euroblast as scheduled. It was the only show of the tour that we were able to do. Sean Malone and I will be there with drummer Matt Lynch of Trioscapes. Cynic’s spaceship is preparing for liftoff! Please keep your eyes on the skies. Your transmissions of positive vibes help keep us afloat.”

Great news for fans of Cynic’s brand of unique Progressive Rock/Metal; the world is a more interesting place with this band in it!

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