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Belfast based dreamy grunge band VENDETTA DOLLS Prepare To Release Debut Single,”Rubies”.


A modern victorian family of atmospheric music makers, Vendetta Dolls influences include the Breeders, Mazzy Star and the Smashing Pumpkins.  

Their otherworldly velvet vocals and sublime riffs will help you ascend to another dimension. 

Where that is exactly, we don’t know.

A dark, ethereal lullaby with a grunge edge, Vendetta Dolls‘ debut single “Rubies” casts light on escapism from the noise of modern life.  The track captures the difficulty and turmoil experienced reigning in a free spirited mind which is endlessly trying to staying grounded.  

Band member, Emily says: “My natural response when things get tough is to run, but the reality is that I never do.  That constant undercurrent persists across all avenues of my life.  I wrote ‘Rubies’ to capture that feeling.”

The climatic outro of “Rubies” features the lyrics “Born of Air, Fire of Flight”. Emily goes on to say: “It’s like anything that’s not good for you, sometimes simply vocalising it and understanding it more allows it to no longer hold you captive.”

“Rubies” is officially due for release on Friday 2nd July, 2021.

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