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American Rockers KILLCODE Drop 1st Video In Trilogy For “The Answer” – WATCH NOW!

What you talkin' 'bout!

American hard rockers KILLCODE have announced the release of three consecutive videos they are calling ‘The Trilogy’, all taken from their current album The Answer.

Consisting of “The Answer”, “Put it Off” and “Show Me”, the first of the trilogy is now available.

“”The Answer” is a musical and visual journey to seek the truth. Everyday we’re bombarded by words, pictures, music, noise, chatter, billboards, videos and text messages…information comes at us so fast. When we walk down the street we hear bites of cell phone conversations, advertisements and a constant montage of words and pictures. We are exposed to more information in one day then past generations had in a year. Innovation advances with every app update. Siri wakes us up, Alexis tells us our schedule and Google teaches us anything we need in a split second. We are surrounded by information overload. Can we cut through the clutter and what do the words really mean? What’s right, what’s wrong, what is true and what is false? Can we see the patterns and connect the dots?

Tom Morrissey, Lead Vocals

Delivering a sound of southern infused hard rock / metal with a modern vocal injection, New York’s  :::KILLCODE::: specialise in energetic, passionate and riff driven rock with enough grit and heaviness to appeal to the modern metal fan!

KILLCODE’s album The Answer is now available for download at – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the…

Physical copies are available at- http://killcode.bigcartel.com/

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