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Accu§er – Mission: Missile – Single Review

Master's at work!

Accu§er have long been overlooked in favour of The Big 4 of Teutonic Thrash when, in fact, they’ve contributed more than enough to the scene to warrant our eternal adulation. With last year’s The Forlorn Divide reminding thrash fans why Accu§er are still more than relevant in the modern world, the band are primed to return with album number 11 and first single, “Mission:Missile”, is upon us.

Like a slug to the chest, “Mission: Missile” hits with brute force, heavy on groove but channeling the sound of their finest 80’s output (1989’s Who Dominates Who springs to mind). It’s clear that Accu§er are attacking their precision thrash with a renewed vigour and a sure sense of untamed violence and that’s exactly what die-hard thrashers desire; a short, sharp shock of unadulterated and unabated technically aggressive thrash!

Look no further, Accu§er have delivered…..again! 8/10 

There’s a no bullshit mentality at work here and it bodes well for the release of their new full length album (titled The Mastery) due on January 26th via Metal Blade Records!

Listen to “Mission: Missile” over at http://www.metalblade.com/accuser/

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