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Renowned Guitarist Nicolas Meier Takes On Our 10 Questions Of Biblical Proportions

Is there nothing this man can't do!!!

Source // www.stivesseptemberfestival.co.uk

Jazz, Oriental, Flamenco, Latin, Rock, Heavy Metal, renowned Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier can turn his ridiculously talented hand to any genre but considering we’re Worship Metal it’s his forays into Progressive Metal with his band Seven7 that caught our attention. So much so, Seven7’s latest opus, The Follower, was recently Worship Metal’s Album of the Week. 

Here’s what Nicolas had to say when confronted with our 10 Questions Of Biblical Proportions…..

1. So….what are Seven7 up to then?

“We completed our third album, The Follower and made 2 videos “Free” and “Fall”, so we are promoting all of these. Sally-Jo, our new member on violin, just joined us so we are playing a few concerts in the UK to get in shape.”

2. Which album/artist/gig/experience made you first realise you ‘Worshipped’ Metal?

“I started in my childhood to listen to Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica. Then with time, I got into more progressive music; Dream Theater, Scar Symmetry and all types of metal. Korn, Disturbed, Dimmu Borgir, Cannibal Corpse etc….experienced so many concerts and festivals.”

3. Name the one album that epitomises Heavy Metal over all others.

“That’s kind of impossible… as there are so many great ones from all the artists I mentioned.”

4. Which guilty pleasure album do you listen to the most? Be honest now.

“Well I have been a musician since I was 12 years old. Loved metal straight away but I love a lot of styles of music, so I guess for a metal head the guilty pleasure is that I love Jazz… pianist Keith Jarret”

5. You have one opportunity to introduce your band to the entire world, which album from your back catalogue do you blast them away with?

“It would be our last one The Follower. I think we developed a nice sound and a way of writing our songs… so we are very pleased.”

6. You find yourselves booked on a mammoth, 12 month, non stop, around the world tour, what 5 essential items do you take with you in order to survive?

“A guitar, equipment to record new tracks, a few CD’s, a few History books and a photo of my wife [unless I can take her with me :-)] ”

7. What’s been your most memorable experience on the road?

“Meeting the fans”

8. You’re given the chance to handpick the ultimate 4-piece Rock and Metal supergroup (living or deceased). Who’s in the line-up?

“Chris Adler on drums (Lamb of God), Alex Webster on bass (Cannibal Corpse), Tom Araya on vocals (Slayer), Per Nilson on guitar (Scar Symmetry)”

9. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is blatantly the greatest thing ever invented but what’s the second greatest invention of all time?

“All other styles of music!!!”

10. It turns out Ozzy’s luscious long hair is imbued with time-travelling qualities and just one stroke of his lion’s mane can transport you back to any Rock/Metal gig of your choice. Who do you go and see?

“Clash of the Titans (Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies…”

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