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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Vulgate – Waves

For Fans of Sadus, Testament & Cynic

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Worship Metal’s Recommendation of the Week comes courtesy of the debut full-length album by Vulgate; master purveyors of UK Progressive Death/Thrash.  

Traces of Floridian Prog Metal heroes Cynic’s pioneering experimentation, generous helpings of Cryptopsy’s pummelling blasts of Death Metal malevolence, just a smidgen of Testament’s Death/Thrash moments circa Demonic, occasional moments of semi-acoustic stillness, not dissimilar to Opeth at their most tranquil, and ample amounts of Sadus’ speed and aggression seep through Waves‘ 10 imposing tracks.

If that sounds like a match made in hell don’t fret, these styles meld well and with steely-eyed purpose. In fact, Waves is extremely well balanced, the serenity of “Serene” gifting respite from the savagery of “Abuse Of Power” and album highlight, “Hourglass Of Humanity-Live Together, Die Alone”, allays with an acoustic intro before launching into a groove-laden shock-wave of Death/Thrash power.  

Waves has blast beats, it has ambient moments amidst the thrashing riffs, it has bowel-loosening vocals, it has…..everything. No complaints from these ears then and Vulgate are proof that the UK’s Metal scene really is bursting at the seams with unsigned bands of ridiculous quality.

Waves, and these guys are sure to make a few waves with this release, is a must-hear for those who love a good aural beating but also like to be challenged by Progressive Metal’s elaborate song structures and shifting tempos.     8/10

Currently on tour with King Leviathan as part of Mammothfest’s ‘Waves Of Thrash Tour’, Vulgate will be appearing at the following venues:

Vulgate tour

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