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Wildfire Festival 2015 – Worship Metal’s Full Weekend Review

Wildfire Festival turned up the heat over a long weekend that unearthed new treasures and proved that old dogs don't always need new tricks!


Diamond Head - Source // Dutch Michaels

Diamond Head – Source // Dutch Michaels

Silverjet [7] were as raucous as an early Sunday morning could take and their cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”  went down a treat while Balls Deep [9] added some serious Groove-Metal meets Hardcore punch; riff and scream machines that took no prisoners despite the early hour. Corrupt The System [6] are capable musicians but their set failed to ignite while Hellion Rising’s [8] Stoner-Metal rampage provoked a better response, hard-as nails but with ounces of groove, these guys have massive potential. On the second stage, The Parallex Method [7] proved to be an interesting Karma To Burn meets Primus hybrid, their instrumental noise often dipping into Prog Metal/Jazz Fusion waters and they provided the ideal soundscape for Wildfire’s sun-drenched Sunday landscape. Meanwhile, on the Main Stage Uncle Rust [7], fronted by Justin McConville, were every inch the Hard Rock warriors. Indebted to everything from Grunge to Alt Rock to the Classic Rock of Aerosmith, Uncle Rust exhibiting an uncanny knack of catering for all tastes. Back to the second stage and Thirteen Stars [8] self-described Southern boogie, with hints of the relatively obvious Lynyrd Skynyd and Blackfoot, captivated the Sunday afternoon crowd while Liberty Lies [7] Alt-Metal, Atreyu-esque anthems livened up the Main Stage. Local heroes Disposable [8] drew a good crowd of hardened Thrashers in thrall to their Kreator meets early Sacred Reich bludgeoning. Their Thrash may be relatively primitive but Disposable’s future looks decidedly bright. One of the most unique bands of the entire festival, Spirytus [9] took audience participation to a new level with their frontman taking a selfie with virtually everyone in attendance and their Limp Bizkit/Rage Against The Machine Nu-Metal-isms proved surprisingly irresistible. Sunday’s second stage headliners, Goth Power Metallers Dakesis [6] seemed ill-placed and perhaps a little nervous but their self-proclaimed “cheese ‘n’ steel” wasn’t without merit while The Toi’s [6] soft Rock also failed to leave much of an impression despite clearly being gifted musicians. Bad Touch [7] continued the melodic Rock vibe and again while the performance couldn’t be faulted, their cover of Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” a highlight, the need for a little more full-blown, over-the-top entertainment was required. Fortunately, Estrella [8] were up next and their 80’s cheese and infectious songs won over even the most hardened Metal grumble-bum. With the party well and truly started the undeniable ‘draw’ of the entire festival hit the stage. Diamond Head [9] are legends, their early to mid 80’s albums are timeless and to see them in such a relatively small venue (tent) was a joy to behold. Cranking out all the classics – “Lightning To The Nations”, “It’s Electric”, “To The Devil His Due”, “Borrowed Time, “In The Heat Of The Night” and an exquisite “Am I Evil” – while at times it felt like watching a Diamond Head tribute act, spearheaded by Diamond Head founder Brian Tatler of course, the strength of the material and the quality of the performance far outweighed any longing for Sean Harris et all. With a new album imminent, Diamond Head are looking hungrier than ever. All the way from Sweden, Coldspell [9] closed the festival with an incredibly strong set chock-full of Swedish Melo-Metal featuring huge choruses, incendiary guitar solos and a faultless performance that called a fittingly epic end to a weekend that saw well known names share the stage with Rock and Metal’s new blood to thrilling effect.

In conclusion, Wildfire Festival 2015 may have had a few no-shows and been lashed with a shit-load of rain but when it mattered, the sun came out, the bands delivered and Wildfire proved to be one festival you’d be a fool to miss. Worship Metal will be back, bring on Wildfire 2016! \m/

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4 Comments on Wildfire Festival 2015 – Worship Metal’s Full Weekend Review

  1. What about ‘Line Of Fire’?

    • Chris Jennings // July 6, 2015 at 7:24 am // Reply

      Missed ’em unfortunately, I was conducting an interview at the time. Couldn’t be in all places and sadly I missed Line Of Fire…..next time! \m/

  2. Billy paterson // July 5, 2015 at 1:09 pm // Reply

    Diamond head were superb, a great metal band,loved them

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