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The 10 Most Groundbreaking Releases From Relapse Records!

Groundbreaking albums from artists and label!

1. Neurosis – Through Silver In Blood (1996)

Source // upload.wikimedia.org

Source // upload.wikimedia.org

Entirely unshackling themselves from convenient genre-description, Neurosis tapped into unparalleled levels of artistic endeavour on Through Silver In Blood and subsequently found themselves contorting industrial metal, sludge metal, avant-garde metal and hardcore punk into ever more twisted shapes.

Bleak and cynical, Neurosis’ monolithically heavy riffing and layers of ear-annihilating distortion may drone and hum like the most unpalatable white noise but it’s their hypnotically tribal atmosphere that reaps the most rewards.

Very few bands can rival the densely unforgiving and yet subtly haunting dynamics Neurosis channeled nearly 20 years ago and Through Silver In Blood is still mandatory listening.

Music this powerful and so perfectly executed comes around once a generation (if you’re lucky) and Neurosis’, and therefore Relapse Records, defining moment is Through Silver In Blood; one of the greatest post-metal albums ever released. 

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4 Comments on The 10 Most Groundbreaking Releases From Relapse Records!

  1. Through Silver In Blood is a truly terrifying listen that leaves you feeling drained after playing it. Heavy in every sense of the word.

    Saw them in Belfast when the album came out as support for Entombed. The crowd was just transfixed on the stage for the duration of their set, poor Entombed didn’t stand a chance coming on after them.

  2. kuntfukker // April 10, 2018 at 8:17 am // Reply

    incantation > nile and dying fetus
    sorry but old school death metal beats modern death metal any day

  3. Héctor Hurtado // April 10, 2018 at 3:50 pm // Reply

    Incantantion – Onward to Golgotha?

  4. Great list, but I’d add Incantation, Burnt by the Sun, Coalesce, and Necrophagist.

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