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The 10 Bands You Can’t Miss At HRH Metal 2017!

Source // HRH Metal

HRH Metal 2017 hits Birmingham’s O2 on the 11th and 12th February!

The headliners, Skindred and Sodom, speak for themselves and highlighting their merits seems relatively pointless. What’s really enticing about HRH Metal is the sheer array of quality burgeoning UK talent (alongside some old-school nutters) that simply can’t be missed….and Worship Metal will be there to review the entire thing!

Here’s Worship Metal’s 10 must see bands from HRH Metal 2017:

The Heretic Order

The Heretic Order

A fantastic live reputation, a classic heavy metal sound, shit tons of occult imagery…..that can only mean an appearance at HRH Metal 2017 from London’s The Heretic Order!

Evil rock ‘n’ roll is the order of the day backed by elements of doom, groove metal and heavy dose of Mercyful Fate theatrics. Describing themselves as a “new modern-sounding classic metal band”, that description accurately conveys The Heretic Order’s thrilling combination of searing riffs and blistering solos that enhance their pagan and occult philosophies!

Having released their debut album All Hail The Order through Massacre records in September 2015 – to great reviews throughout Europe – The Heretic Order are currently gearing up to record their follow up album and continue to spread their special brand of evil.

Catch them at HRH Metal 2017 on Sunday 12th Feb @ the third stage: 21.00 hours \m/

Reign Of Fury

Source // maxazine.com

Source // maxazine.com

Reign Of Fury’s first show of 2017 will be at HRH Metal and these UK thrashers will no doubt deliver a masterclass in epic melodic thrash laced with aggression and unrivalled confidence.

2015’s Death Be Thy Shepherd was an almighty kick in the knackers and it’ll be a distinct pleasure to hear the likes of “Gates Of Sanity”, “The Love Of A Dying God” & “All Is Lost” in the flesh, alongside choice cuts from debut World Detonation of course!

UK thrash is currently enjoying quite the renaissance and Reign Of Fury are leaders of the new breed bringing something new to tried and tasted formulas. Miss ’em at your peril!

Internal Conflict

Internal conflict band pic

2015’s The Rising Tide was a ferocious statement of intent that came rammed with infectious melodies, soaring backing vocals and the demented shouts of Adam Kyle. Expect an emotionally charged, raw and visceral  experience from a band renowned for delivering a first class performance each and every time.

Internal Conflict’s blistering mix of thrash, metalcore and hardcore should see them welcomed by all; no matter their genre preference!

Pure metal fury!



Obzidian’s Obliteration Process was an absolute monster and one of 2016’s finest UK releases. Delivering a feral mix of thrash influenced, Lamb of God-esque extreme metal, Obzidian have already proved themselves to be a primal force to be reckoned with and you’d be a fool not to expect a similar aural bludgeoning in the live environment!

Growls, roars, meaty riffs, soaring solos, vicious breakdowns, neck-breaking rhythms and huge impenetrable mosh pits….all guaranteed. Of course, it helps when you’ve got an arsenal of songs at your disposable perfectly designed to incite crowd trouble. It’s gonna get messy.

Obzidian not on your ‘must see’ HRH Metal 2017 list?

Perish the thought!!



The UK’s leading black metal machine, Winterfylleth, descend on HRH Metal on the Sunday and with 2016’s The Dark Hereafter continuing their meteoric rise, you can expect nothing less than pure black metal nirvana.

As English as they come, Winterfylleth revel in delivering a majestic experience and one that is irrevocably tied to English history and tradition. There’s no other band like them on HRH Metal’s bill, that’s for sure.

Immersive and with a breadth of scope virtually unmatched in the UK black metal scene, Winterfylleth are guaranteed to offer something unique and something that will connect us all to this great band who are on the brink of mainstream acceptance!

Raging Speedhorn

Source // fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net

Source // fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net

The recent return of these Corby sludge slingers has been welcomed with open arms by a UK metal underground that had sorely missed their Iron Monkey-esque onslaught.

Sure to be a HRH Metal 2017 favourite, when you’ve got a back catalogue as beloved as the Speedhorn’s at the ready – and a stonking new album in the shape of last years Lost Ritual – any audience will quickly turn into pit-pummelled putty in your hands!

While co-frontman Frank Regan sadly misses HRH Metal 2017 through illness it falls to RSJ’s Dan Cook to ably step into his shoes. Which leads us neatly on to….


Source // RSJ - Giant Glenn

Source // RSJ – Giant Glenn

RSJ released one of 2016’s finest releases in the considerable shape of Giant Glenn, a ferocious beast that proved the UK had a band to rival the mind-blowing savagery of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

RSJ take mathcore, hardcore, grindcore and post-metal elements and soundly thrash new life out of each and every one of them. The result is a maniacal chemistry experiment melding disparate styles to create a wall of blissful, cathartic noise that’ll ignite pits and wreck-necks.

Sound good? Of course it fuckin’ is. Don’t dare miss ’em!


Hell backdrop

Welcome to the church of HELL!

Few bands on the planet can deliver a live spectacle that matches these occult classic metallers.

Featuring the riff-writing genius that is Andy Sneap (Sabbat) and fronted by a true showman in the shape of David Bower, you can expect more theatrics (devil’s tridents at the ready) and more histrionic delivery than a Christmas panto, backed by enough classic metal riffing to make even King Diamond blush.

Pure escapism guaranteed and that’s what it’s all about right?!

Lawnmower Deth

Source // imgs.ototoy.jp

Source // imgs.ototoy.jp

It’s Lawmower Deth. At a festival. Miss them and you are officially a cock-womble!

Whether it’s your first time seeing the UK’s favourite thrash nutters or (like us) you’ve witnessed their carnage too many times to remember, there’s never anything predictable about their set other than you are in for a damn good time….each and every time!




Last year’s Lost In Space proved that Fury had arrived and their sci-fi themed Maiden-esque classic metal was a thing of beauty!

Mixing 70’s hard rock, the galloping melodies of the NWoBHM and a truly epic metal feel as personified by the aforementioned mighty Maiden, Fury are utterly old-school and yet completely refreshing in the same breath.

Our number 1 must see act of HRH Metal 2017? You’re damn skippy!

That’s not saying that the likes of Evile, Savage Messiah, Feed The Rhino, Ballsdeep, Stoneghost etc aren’t equally anticipated but the bands listed above are currently stoking Worship Metal’s fire.

Be sure to look for our full HRH Metal 2017 review in the coming weeks to see who else blew us away!

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